Application Modernization Tool for the IBMi (AS/400)

AO Foundation simplifies application futurization by managing the transition of your program-centric applications to data-centric. AO generates I/O server and trigger programs based on file definitions. Constraints enforce the data model.

Database Modernization IBM i
Getting the most out of DB2 on the IBM i


        Tool: You could hire a seasoned database administrator or use a tool developed by one. The structure built into AO Foundation helps you achieve your application modernization goals and avoid pain. 
Education:  You will learn the difference between application-centric and data-centric. Understanding I/O servers, trigger programs, constraints, and message handling is key to your success and a prerequisite to developing a roadmap.

Roadmap: Helps IBMi developers visualize a pathway to an agile, intelligent, and secure DB2 database. The training will provide the insight you need to develop your roadmap.

Chief Development Officer Tommy Atkins has been there and knows how to convert program-centric applications to data-centric with a minimal amount of risk. You will even learn how to safely normalize DB2 tables without interrupting ongoing business. The experience built into this tool provides a large advantage when modernizing your legacy applications.  

By taking advantage of DB2, you can reduce your code base by on average 80%. Performance improvements are achieved because trigger programs and constraints run in the operating system storage pool at a high priority

 DB2 modernization is achieved one file at a time, gradually improving data quality and security.  The standard code produced will improve programmer productivity by consolidating validations in before trigger programs and having DB2 handle the data model. The standardized code makes it easier to deploy resources because developers will always know where to look for validation and constraint issues.

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