Tool + Education + Roadmap = Modern Application

We provide solutions for companies wishing to modernize their IBM i applications. A combination of Tools, Strategy and Training.

Tools: You could hire a seasoned DB administrator or use a tool developed by one. AO Foundation is part of a winning formula providing structure and helps you avoid a lot painful learning experiences

Strategy: It’s been my observation that most IBM i developers are shocked when they find out what an agile, intelligent and secure database is. The training will provide the insight you need to form your strategy.

Training: Operating the tool is the easy part. The difficult part is the mental adjustment it takes to move from an application centric model to a data centric model. Training includes sample programs for IO servers, trigger programs and message handling. As soon as you introduce constraints you automatically need commitment control. There is an art associated with introducing this many new concepts at once. You really need this training before you develop your Roadmap.

Chief Development Officer Tommy Atkins has been there and understands how to convert program centric applications to data centric with the minimal amount of risk. You will even learn how to savely normalize a database without interrupting ongoing business. The experience that is built into this tool provides an enormous advantage.